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  • Ensure the best connectivity experience

    Car connectivity monitoring 

    The soaring number of connected objects represents a massive opportunity for service providers. But for success with applications in the Automotive sector, reliable and trusted connectivity is essential. 

    Gemalto Quality of Service is a comprehensive offer for mobility service providers to monitor the cellular connectivity of vehicles at rest or in motion in real time.

    Suited to a wide range of IoT use cases including automotive, the solution provides instant network status and analysis. In addition, it immediately highlights issues by ensuring that a rich array of data is readily accessible.

    How to monitor car connectivity in real time?

    An effective means of differen?tiation

    Gemalto Quality of Service enables mobility service providers to provide a clear visibility of network and connectivity performance, facilitating the measurement and enforcement of service level agreements, and improving the user experience.

    Gemalto Quality of Servic?e includes:

    • QoS clients embedded in any device's connectivity module for real time data collection
    • Server platform (in the cloud managed by Gemalto or on premises)
    • Advanced analytics dashboards for effective QoS management, including:
      • SLA dashboard to share the efficiency and performance of connectivity
      • Customer service dashboard to troubleshoot problems
      • Alarms and warnings dashboard for notifications in real time

    Benefits for mobility service provi??ders:

    • Increase connectivity experience and reliability
    • Automatic data mining provides a clear view of network performance
    • Abnormal behavior monitoring
    • Advanced SLA dashboard to control KPIs
    • Flexible solution for data collection